Mid-term meeting

Mid-term meeting: 25-27 June 2018



The mid-term meeting for the project was organized by the Netherlands Institute of International Relation Clingendael together with its consortium partners Human Security Collective (Netherlands), Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies (Egypt), The Center for Democracy and Community Development (Palestine) and the Strategic and Political Research Centre (Iraq).

As the validation phase of the research project has been concluded, the mid-term meeting sought to usher in a new research phase, shifting the focus from push and pull factors of violent extremism towards the development and application of an HS-approach to effectively address these push/pull factors. Where the main objective of the previous kick-off meeting was to develop a shared analysis of the transnational threat of violent extremism based on a local and community-level understanding of violent extremism and human security in the three countries, coupled with a broader MENA-region/international perspective, the mid-term meeting brough together consortium members, stakeholders from national/international policymaking, and representatives from academia with the aim of sharing practical and context-specific knowledge and experiences on the challenges and opportunities in the facilitation of locally-owned, and HS-grounded security agendas.

For a report of the meeting, see here.