Focus: This project seeks to demonstrate the impact of a human security approach in Egypt, Iraq and Palestine that addresses the root causes of violent extremism as a transnational threat.

Duration: 36 months, September 2016 onwards.

Objectives of the research:

  • Validating the push/pull factors of radicalization;
  • Gaining context-specific insights into how HS is defined;
  • Providing insight into conditions for engagement (communities and security stakeholders);
  • Producing evidence on how this engagement leads to joint analysis and implementation of an HS-approach in CVE;
  • Producing context-specific evidence on how an HS-approach can prevent VE;
  • Demonstrating impact of the HS-approach to policymakers with actionable pointers;
  • Providing insight into the context-specific roles of women in CVE;
  • Developing effective CVE-policies based on an HS-approach that diminish the support base for VE in communities (multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder).

Research question: Can an Human Security approach effectively address the drivers of violent extremism?